Collaborations between artists, and between artists and the public are now commonplace. Our group looks critically at collaborative practices and unpacks terms such as collaboration, participation, and ‘the public sphere’.

Who are we?       We are a group of artists who produce work together, mainly in the public sphere. Our group was formed in 2008, with an interest at that time in exploring collaborative and participatory art. We currently meet in Central London, although the group includes members from outside London.

What do we do?   We have worked on projects together, as a whole group, but we also envisage making work in pairs and in small groups, recognising the diversity of our members’ interests and range of practices.  Discussion and development of each person’s work is important to us.


§ One Response to ViS

  • […] VIS (Visual into Social) is a group of artists who work in the public arena, and run their own programme of informal talks by artists and writers. I was invited to come to talk to them about my work, in particular about my current practice-based research on the artist as a neighbour. […]

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